The Re-election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Signals Danger for Christians in India

The recent re-election of Hindu Nationalist, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, signals bad news for believers. Under his watch, India has moved from number 28 to number 10 on Open Doors World Watch List, a list of countries ranked by the degree of persecutions against Christians. North Korea ranks at the top of the list, but the increasing persecutions in India are an increasing trend, with many radical groups carrying out attacks against Christians with impunity.

In 2014, there were 147 attacks against Christians documented by Open Doors. In the first quarter of 2019 alone there have been 216 violent attacks, and that is just those Open Doors is aware of. It is likely there have been others as well. David Curry, the USA director for Open Doors confirms that the re-election of Modi is bad news for believers who have already been experiencing various forms of persecution and harassment for their faith.

This should also be a caution to those of us here in the United States who have grown comfortable in our freedoms. As the cultural landscape becomes more secular and the media brokers continue to silence Christian voices on both mainstream networks and social media, it is not at all unlikely that we could be experiencing the same challenges in the coming years. Believers need to participate in both constant prayer and the political process to preserve our rights. We also need to let our voices be heard in whatever forums are available to us now, addressing the issues that concern us all. The preservation of our liberties depends upon it.

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