Persecution Dramatically Rises in China

It reads like some Orwellian nightmare. Persecution against Chinese Christians has begun to accelerate dramatically in the last year or so under President Xi Jinping. As the atheistic communist party was given direct control over the churches by Xi, there has been renewed measures to, among other things, eradicate all unregistered churches.

The government’s concern is not without reason. There are an estimated 100 million Christians in China now and the estimates are that there could be 250 million by 2030. Since the communist party only numbers 90 million, it’s obvious that Chinese officials are concerned about an erosion of their power base. Where churches are not being eradicated or pastors and parishioners being hauled off to prison, other measures of control are being implemented, such as removing Christian symbols and replacing them with portraits of the President and children being forbidden from entering a church.

Despite harsh repercussions from the government, Christianity is alive and well in China. Early Rain Church Pastor Wang Yi and his wife were arrested in December and are awaiting trial for “subversion.” However, he continues to encourage the faithful, telling them the government has chosen an enemy they can never defeat!

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